June 22, 2020

Case Studies

ThoughtWire 2
ThoughtWire 1

Designing and Engineering cutting edge building management solutions

Located in Toronto and founded in 2009, ThoughtWire is a leader in orchestrating data from people, process, and the physical built environment. ThoughtWire delivers smarter, safer and more efficient hospitals, commercial buildings, and cities. Their innovative software applications put people first, whether for clinicians, patients, office workers, or first responders, ThoughtWire puts people in control.
As ThoughtWire rapidly grows, they’ve been faced with the need to scale quickly and for the ability to both increase and decrease velocity within the design and engineering organization. As a solution to this challenge, ThoughtWire has partnered with Transcenda, utilizing Transcenda’s thought leadership and capabilities in mobile development and UX/UI Design. Through the partnership, Transcenda has become a trusted partner to ThoughtWire helping accelerate progress to their product roadmap.
Tweddle 5
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Tweddle 3
Tweddle 2
Tweddle 1
Tweddle Group

Digital transformation of the owner experience

With over 65 years in business, Tweddle Group is a leader in both the automotive and owner information experience. With a diverse product line, Tweddle helps provide a suite of digital solutions to create game changing owner experiences throughout a variety of industries and to power OEMs with digital solutions to improve operational efficiency and the customer experience.
Transcenda is a long term and trusted partner to Tweddle from both a Design and Engineering perspective helping Tweddle define, design, and build solutions throughout their various product lines. Tweddle relies on Transcenda to help provide thought leadership from both a design and engineering perspective while also executing on the technology roadmap through both UX/UI and engineering capabilities.
BNSF Logistics 3
BNSF Logistics 2
BNSF Logistics 1
BNSF Logistic

From Point A to Point Possible – Engineering the future of logistics

BNSF Logistics is a technology and people-driven third-party logistics company providing smart, creative supply chain solutions. As a global leader in the logistics industry, BNSF is focused on a future proof digital roadmap consisting of delivering both a world class customer experience and maximum operational efficiency.
BNSF was challenged with an ambitious roadmap and partnered with Transcenda to help accelerate their development capabilities. Transcenda’s domain expertise and high quality engineering capabilities have helped BNSF achieve measurable development progress toward their roadmap over the past year. The solutions that BNSF and Transcenda have implemented together have led to substantial business savings from an operational perspective and have helped improve the customer experience.
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CGS Advisors 5
CGS Advisors 4
CGS Advisors 3
CGS Advisors 2
CGS Advisors 1
CGS Advisors

Driving enterprise transformation through technology

CGS Advisors is a boutique strategic transformation advisory and consulting firm that assists client leaders to bravely embrace and execute enterprise transformations which allow their organization to better compete in the Connected World. They specialize in helping their clients to envision, plan, and run the “First Mile” of their transformation journeys.
The unfortunate truth is that the majority of business transformations (~75%) fail to fundamentally change the trajectory of an organization. CGS partnered with Transcenda to design, and develop a prototype Business Transformation Application which will empower CGS clients to overcome typical transformation roadblocks and increase their likelihood to make lasting changes.
By coupling CGS Advisors’ deep domain knowledge and experience with Transcenda’s design and engineering capabilities, a functional prototype was built in less than 10 weeks. As a result of the project, CGS is well positioned to refine the solution and launch an MVP application with their existing and future clients.
Dobi 2
Dobi 1
Dobi Real Estate

Empowering real estate agents and optimizing business operations through technology

DOBI Real Estate is a leading and rapidly growing real estate brokerage based in Michigan. They are market leaders in using technology to both power their client experience and net their clients the best possible outcomes as well as empowering their agents through world-class marketing support and digital solutions. DOBI desired to further the efficiency and productivity of their agents through digital tools and needed a trusted partner who could help from ideation to product launch.
Impressed with Transcenda’s portfolio and expertise in Strategy, Design, and Engineering, DOBI decided to partner with Transcenda to help define their future product roadmap. Transcenda completed competitive market analysis and in-depth user research to understand the needs of the potential users, facilitated and led a one week workshop, prototyped and ideated several potential solutions, and then planned the product roadmap, visual design, wireframes, and technical architecture for the product solution. The blended team of Consulting, Design, and Engineering from Transcenda and DOBI business stakeholders led to a well-defined path forward.

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