June 22, 2020


We put people first and strive to be a changemaker by building a better future through technology.

We can help you at any stage in your journey or throughout the entire lifecycle. From ideation, solution definition, design, full-scale engineering build, to ongoing support and maintenance, we take a collaborative approach and can help you turn your vision into reality.



Megan Fales

CEO / Co-Founder

With a passion for digital innovation and diversity, I've worked with some of the most impressive brands globally to help them achieve their business goals and build world-class products. I have over 15 years of experience in working with globally distributed teams and delivering technology solutions on time and within budget.<br /> My greatest passion is in building a world-class organization where both clients and employees are empowered to succeed through Transcenda.


Alexey Koval

CTO / Co-Founder

My passion is people and I strive to put people first in everything I do. I believe that great products and strong delivery teams are built through a people first mentality and I’m always focused on the end goals of the users and on the needs of the team members building the solutions.<br /> With experience scaling an organization from 5 to over 750 people in 12 global locations, I’ve driven the delivery of hundreds of new products to market. I’ve found that successful delivery is based on being unafraid to speak the truth. This means openly sharing thoughts around what can be improved, bringing project risks into the open, and sometimes advocating for change.<br /> Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but I strive to ensure we do the right thing for every client and every team member with no excuses and no exceptions.


Joseph Chereshnovsky

VP of Engineering

I eat, breathe and sleep technology - nothing gets me more excited than a technology challenge and needing to piece together the optimal solution while considering all the possible trade offs. With over 20 years of hands on experience, I still love the opportunity to do hands on coding just as much as I enjoy helping the team grow as individual engineers.<br /> As the VP of Engineering at Transcenda, I’m focused on building a world class technical team and ensuring that the solutions we build are scalable, secure, and future proof.


Taras Bublyk

Head of Product and Design

My personal mission is to create products and services that will positively impact the lives of millions of people. By helping our clients see the world from the end user’s perspective, we’re able to bring game changing solutions to the market that meet needs the users never even knew they had.<br /> With over 15 years of experience leading global design and product teams, I love bringing an agile approach to both our enterprise and startup clients. I believe the value we provide to our clients is our ability to see the world through another set of glasses and our deep expertise across a plethora of domains.<br /> My greatest passion is in coaching and developing teams to reach their fullest potential and in leading product definition workshops and seeing the solutions evolve from an initial spark to product launch and evolution.


Transcenda is a global design and engineering services organization heavily focused on helping organizations scale quickly, digitally transform.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated right all the time, no exceptions and no excuses. If you’re looking for a dynamic and fun environment, and the opportunity for unparalleled growth, then we’d love to hear from you.