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Women Who Inspire Us

Women who inspire us

As we reflect and celebrate International Women’s Day at Transcenda, we’ve asked Transcenda’s team members which women inspire them and why. Learn about the women that inspire Transcenda.

Oleksii Rudyi, QA Engineer

My inspiration is my girlfriend Furka. She is a 2D artist, and when I see her at work, I am amazed how dedicated and hardworking she is. That motivates me to become better at my work, to take new courses, and to learn new skills.

I was also fortunate to be a part of her crew a couple of times on photoshoots she directed. The creativity and passion she radiates is captivating, and that is a great example for me how a hobby you love doing can light a spark in everyone around you.

She inspires me to “do things that you love and love things that you do”, to be open and try something new, and to become a better person in general. 

International Women’s day to me is a day when we can hit “pause” on our busy lives and spend time to appreciate all the women who inspire us.

Nadya Shelmuk, UX Designer

The woman who inspires me is my mom. She is the best example of strength and motivation for me. And at the same time, despite all the difficulties she has faced in her life, she remains for me an example of a person who knows how to sincerely love life, enjoy the beauty of the world around her, and isn’t afraid to try new things and develop new skills.

My parents taught me to be the person I am. My mom is my best advisor, supporter, and true friend. She is a wonderful combination of responsibility and seriousness related to doing what is needed while also having an almost childish curiosity. 

I like International Women’s Day very much and I always celebrate it. When I was a young girl, my father and my brother made this holiday for me and my mom special by bringing flowers and holiday mood to our house. And now my husband and my son are those who do their best to make this holiday outstanding for me.

Pavel Leontiev, Project Manager

My wife inspires me – she’s the kind of a person who never stops and her zeal for life inspires me to seize each day. She makes me a better husband, father, project manager, and human. She’s curious, easy-going and always open to new experiences. Recently she started taking painting lessons and I’ve enjoyed seeing how she pours her whole self into her new hobby as she draws an n-th iteration of an apple. I enjoy the fact that I have no choice but to keep up as she helps keep me on my toes, motivated, and inspired.

She’s part of all of my worlds. The biggest part, I think. The comradery we share, and that she has taught me, helps me be the person I am.  It’s about support, standing for each other, helping in anything from making hard life decisions to cleaning cat litter. Thinking the very same way as you do, so there’s no need to explain anything.

My wife stands out from the crowd because she is bold and fearless and when I see her in a crowd, beautiful red hair and bold personality, I feel proud and humbled to be her husband.  The last year with all of its circumstances, tested many people and many families for strength. I couldn’t imagine us sitting in our flat for weeks not going anywhere (sometimes literally) in our previous life. But when that became a new reality, in the end, we as a family passed this test with excellent marks. And this is due to my wife skills, efforts and personality traits. 

International Women’s day to me is another opportunity to call or text women around me and say something nice and to be reminded of ensuring I am doing what I can to help uplift the women around me and ensure they are empowered to achieve everything they hope to achieve. We don’t have any traditional way to celebrate. It may be a day with a big family, a sip of coffee and walking in the park then, or going to the theater but in the end what matters is that we are together.

Anastasia Budkina, Head of Global Marketing

Anastasia Budkina

The woman who inspires me is my aunt Marina. At the age of 22 she moved to another city and basically built everything she has from scratch all by herself. 

Marina is a true self made woman. She’s made a career in investment banking, travelled around the world throughout her whole life and once even owned an art gallery. She frequently speaks at conferences and events, and gives interviews to financial papers as an expert in the field.  

Apart from her career, she’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever known, a doting mother to her two sons, and last but not least, she got married for the second time at 59! To me Marina is an example that basically the sky’s the limit.  

International Women’s Day is another reminder on how many wonderful women are around me. I have many female relatives and friends who inspire me, lead by their example and prove that nothing is impossible. 

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Alexey Koval
Alexey Koval