June 19, 2020


Our agile delivery teams take a modern approach ensuring on time, on budget delivery of world-class, scalable software solutions.

Future proof engineering - bringing ideas to reality.

Engineering is our DNA. With an emphasis on Application Development, Digital Transformation, and Data Driven Products, we help deliver working solutions to market on time and on budget.

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mobile development

Mobile Development

Mobile experiences for the modern user.

We help navigate a complicated ecosystem of mobile platforms and services, consulting our clients on the best approaches to build scalable and robust mobile applications. There are so many considerations when it comes to mobile, and we act as a trusted advisor to our clients.

machine learning

Machine Learning & Data Science

Data is the oil fueling the digital age.

With experience in both machine learning and data science, we can help you determine how to best utilize your data, develop proof of concepts to prove hypotheses, and then build full scale production solutions.

Web development

Web Development

Ship the software for your clients in the most efficient and flexible way.

We’re focused on building high-performing, responsive, and scalable WEB apps for our clients, following world-class engineering practices. We can help you make the right architectural and technological decisions while educating you on the pros and cons and then build your solution according to world class engineering practices.

iot development

IoT Development

Creating a smarter world.

Our expertise in embedded software and hardware ensures success as we design and implement IoT solutions in a wide variety of industries.

Transcenda Team

Cloud Solutions & DevOps

Enabling transformation through innovative applications of Cloud Solutions and DevOps best practices.

We have extensive experience designing the system architecture, deploying and maintaining cloud software. We use the power of continuous delivery to streamline the development of the software so user requirements can quickly make it into application production, while the cloud offers automated provisioning and scaling to accommodate application changes.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

QA – the difference between good and great.

By implementing and adhering to the most modern QA practices and leveraging modern test automation tools, we’re able to reduce development lifecycle, help our clients streamline time to market and ensure the highest quality and reliability of the solution.

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Transcenda is a global design and engineering services organization heavily focused on helping organizations scale quickly and digitally transform.


Create world class customer experience through thoughtful design which is both user friendly and visually appealing.

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Working process

Identify and explore high-value opportunity areas through digital business consulting.

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