June 19, 2020


Our digital business consulting team helps you understand the competition, identify areas for operational efficiency, and ideate new solutions and products.

Powering digital disruption through digital business consulting.

We start by immersing our team into your business through market research and competitive research analysis. We then conduct workshops to map out opportunity spaces for operational efficiencies or new product solutions.

By blending our consulting team, design team, and engineering team into one team, and working collaboratively with you, we ensure we identify the most promising opportunities which are technically feasible and designed in such a way that cost to build will net the highest ROI.

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Opportunity Space Identification

Identify and explore high-value opportunity areas through digital business consulting.

We start by defining the problem statement and defining your endgame. Through competitive research analysis, user interviews, and other methods, we’re able to collaboratively shape the problem for which we need to solve.


Innovation Workshops

We conduct collaborative workshops to brainstorm the best solutions.

Through collaborative and interactive workshops following design thinking methodology, we ideate solutions to the problem, conduct rapid prototyping, and gather early feedback from potential users.

Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

With a focus on the endgame, we create a pragmatic roadmap.

We help identify all potential product features to ensure the most impactful ones are prioritized. Additionally, we help plan a detailed roadmap for implementation including architecture, timeline, and resourcing plan.

Strategy validation

Strategy Validation

Validate and test your strategy before building new solutions.

We help our clients by conducting user interviews, focus groups, and extensive market analysis. We’re able to infer unique insights from that research and test/prototype different strategies and validate market feedback.

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